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This page contains some common problems and solutions that people may run into when starting to use/develop for Astropolis.

Common Problems for Developers

Build Errors

Project Util

Example Error: Error 1 The command "copy /Y "C:\Users\Arthas\Documents\Astropolis\Game\Util\SVNRes.resx" "C:\Users\Arthas\Documents\Astropolis\Game\Util\libs\temp.resx" "SubWCRev.exe" "C:\Users\Arthas\Documents\Astropolis\Game\\" "C:\Users\Arthas\Documents\Astropolis\Game\Util\SVNRes.resx" "C:\Users\Arthas\Documents\Astropolis\Game\Util\SVNRes.resx" " exited with code 9009.

Solution Ensure that the SubWCRev.exe program (which should be installed alongside the TortoiseSVN clien) is included in your Path Environment Variable.