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This is the communal TODO list. Use it to store tasks that will be done several weeks from now or have no particular dev assigned to them. This is obviously not a complete list, but should contain all of the major tasks that are planned, but are not currently being worked on.

Tier I (must eventually be implemented)

  • Create a System Settings file (stores things like audio and visual settings)
  • Create user profiles (stores things like name, mental background, difficulty settings)
  • Add the appropriate copyright information (see GNU public license) to each file and a file in the build with the copyright info
  • Make fonts resolution dependent. Right now their physical size is in pixels so their display size changes as resolution changes.
  • Implement some form Jump/Goto in the ScriptManager Lua Interpreter.
    • Change all the tutorials to allow the user to repeat sections until they are ready to progress
    • Implement a "tutorial menu" that allows users to jump to one particular section and then return to the menu. This option should only be available after the tutorial has been played once through.
  • Implement gameflow that allows minigames to return to the main menu and be repeated indefinitely via the practice console.

Tier II (should eventually be implemented)

  • Do the pause menu correctly
    • It seems that it was implemented to work for Meteor Madness and that's it. Someone will have to save the state of the mouse cursor and restore it to that previous state on unpause, and not assume whatever is active has no cursor. This should probably be done in a new class (instead of hardcoded into the HUD AND ALSO implemented in GameManager.cs).
  • Load all content in overloads of Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.LoadGraphicsContent() and unload them in ...UnloadGraphicsContent()
  • Upgrade to XNA 2.0

Tier III (would be nice to have, but definitely not necessary)

  • Voice overs for dialog