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It has been nearly a century since the establishment of the World Space Initiative (WSI), a coalition of nations whose mission is to protect citizens and commerce beyond Earth's orbit. WSI has allowed nations to flourish and was an essential factor in the success of the Global Ship Mercury, mankind's first colony out of Earth's orbit. Many lesser colonies have since been constructed, but none have lived up to the prestige of the Mercury.

Not everyone was pleased with the way WSI was being run, however. About 50 years ago, the radical freedomist Johaan Zjemira formed the Order of Orion. This organization claims that WSI exploits the lesser nations and oppressess all non-WSI space stations. Since its formation it has grown immensely and now poses a formidable threat to any vessel aligned with the WSI. This threat was made clear 14 years ago when the OoO attacked and destroyed the Mercury.

WSI has doubled its efforts to put an end to the OoO and as a sign of hope to its citizens, the new ship GS Mercury II is about to recieve its commission. WSI has appointed you as the captain. Do you have what it takes to take this fledgling space colony and fulfill its legacy as humankind's greatest achievement?