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One of the goals of this project is to motivate the players to want to complete and do successful in the psychological tests. To accomplish this, players will receive rewards from playing mini-games, which will allow them to build and to improve their colony.


Rewards will be given in the form of Money, Resources, Buildings, Technologies and Tokens. Not all mini-games will give the same rewards.


Money is used in the construction of every building. Completing mini-games will be the main and possibly only source of income for players. All mini-games will give the player some amount of money based on their performance. Some mini-games will reward the player with bonus money for completing bonus objectives not directly related to the tests. One such bonus objective arises in Maritime Defender where the player can gain money by destroying asteroids.


Some mini-games will reward the player with resources. These resources will be used to construct buildings in the Colony Simulator. Resources will be specific to a mini-game. These will mostly be common resources, but there may be a few mini-game-only resources that cannot be accumulated in the colony mode.


If a player does especially well or completes a series of tasks within a mini-game, they could be rewarded with a building. These buildings will be special to the mini-game and will provide unique bonuses. Players will be able to build only one of these buildings each time they earn the reward. These buildings will be faction neutral.


These will be very rare rewards. They will give the player a permanent technology bonus. These technologies will be unique and add flavour to a colony, but will not be overly important. They will be the cool technologies.


Tokens will be given to a player each time they play a mini-game. Players will always receive at least one token each time they play a mini-game, but will receive many more for successfully completing a mini-game. Each mini-game will have its own token. These tokens will represent objects that can be used to trade with Interstellar Merchants. The items offered by each Merchant will be powerful, and exclusive to that merchant's shop. It is hoped that setting proper token requirements on items will encourage players to play all the mini-games.

This is similar to World of Warcraft's mark of honour Player Versus Player reward system.