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Sprint 1:

 * Implement basic structure of Dungeon game.
    [x]Loading XML data
    [x]converting XML data to load level
    [x]Basic update structure
    [x]Data structures of the levels
    [x]Game Flow
    [X]Implement Menus
    [x]Game play programming

Sprint 2:

 * Implement more complex Dungeon game functions
    [X]Stealth bar
    [x]Player abilities
    [x]AI Logic
    [X]placeholder UI

Sprint 3:

 * Implement Hacking Phase, aka Embedded Figures test
    [x]Create hackable objects
    [x]Placeholder graphics for hacking phase
    [x]integrate into level

Sprint 4:

 * Implement Sally Anne
    [X]Implement first theory of mind question
    [X]implement 2nd theory of mind question
    [x]Tie into level progression

Sprint 5:

 * Implement Rewards
    []Implement a system for rewarding the player
    []calculate total rewards based of performance in mini game
    []tie to colony simulator
 * Tutorial
 * Implement easy access trial modifiers to mini game menu

Sprint 6:

 * Implement Map Editor
    [X]Read/Write/edit XML data containing tileset information for world/level/room

Sprint 7:

 * Implement Player Profiles
    [X]Keep track of missions played/progression made

Sprint 8:

 * Create new levels and obstacles.