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Event Code Semantics


       // Input Events
       FO_INPUT_KEY_ENTER - User has pressed the Enter key.
       FO_INPUT_KEY_SPACE - User has pressed the SpaceBar key.
       FO_INPUT_KEY_LEFT - User has pressed the Left key.
       FO_INPUT_KEY_RIGHT - User has pressed the Right key.
       FO_INPUT_MOUSE_LEFT_DOWN - User has pressed the left mouse button.
       FO_INPUT_MOUSE_LEFT_UP -  User has released the left mouse button.
       // Game Events
       FO_START - The main menu has been initialized.
       FO_START_BOARD - A new board (round) has been started.
       FO_STARTFACELOAD - A face on the tray has begun to load.
       FO_FACELOADED - A face on the tray has finished loading.
       FO_FACEDRAG - The user has begun to drag a face from the tray.
       FO_BOARDFILL- The user has dropped a face from the tray onto an empty board cell.
       FO_BOARDUNDO - A filled cell on the board was clicked, sending the face back to the tray and emptying the filled cell.
       FO_CORRECT_GROUP - A group was determined correct during validation.
       FO_INCORRECT_GROUP - A group was determined incorrect during validation.
       FO_END - The user has finished the game and exited.
       FO_END_BOARD - The user has finished a board (round).
       FO_MENU_QUIT - User has exited Face Off via main menu.

How to substitute new face stimuli

  1. Make the file system changes following the guidelines below.
  2. Update content for Face Off in the game solution for the corresponding file system changes.
  3. Compile the game and test.
  4. Build The Installer.

File System Guidelines

Face stimuli are organized into emotion categories. To add a new emotion category, simply create a new directory under Game\FaceOff\Content\Texture\Faces. Each image added to the directory must follow the proper naming convention, else the image will not be loaded.

Image Naming Convention


The EmotionCategory must be exactly the same as containing directory name. ImageNumber must start at 1 and increment by 1 for each image without skipping an integer. Extension can be any valid XNA supported format type.



Current images may also be replaced, so long as the naming convention is maintained.