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Follow these steps to run the development build of the game.

System Requirements

This game requires the following for both development and released versions:

  • Intel-based PC with at least 1.0 GHz
  • Windows XP or Windows Vista (it has been reported that Macintosh systems running Boot Camp can run the released build, but development must be done on a Windows machine)
  • Graphics card with Pixel Shader 1.0+ (any computer that can run Windows Vista meets this requirement)

Download and Install the Software

Download the Code

  • Obtain a Subversion username and password from a Subversion Admin (Matthew or August). The username will be used to track your changes to the code repository and the password will be known by all Subversion Admins, so don't use your "real" password!
  • Checkout the Repository
    • Create a new directory called "Autism Collaborative" (or something else if you're a rebel)
    • Right click on the folder and select TortsoiseSVN->Checkout... from the popup menu
    • In the URL of repository field, enter
    • Click OK
  • Register the code dependencies
    • Browse to Autism Collaborative\Dependencies
    • Run RegisterDependencies.bat

Run the Game

New users of Visual Studio or similar IDE (Integrated Development Environment) should check out Microsoft's Online Learning Center.

Start Developing

Check out the Code Overview for an explanation of how the code base works. It may also be helpful to visit the Code How To's for explanations of common coding tasks. And don't forget about the weekly Meetings!