Data analysis - auditory stimuli

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Auditory Stimuli

This is not a game, but rather a passive stimulation paradigm comprising a 50 ms tone (consisting of several frequency components) played at various dB SPL intensities, at intervals of 1000 ms plus a random jitter uniformly distributed over [0, 500 ms]. The paradigm begins with AS_Start (1). A tone is signalled by AS_TONE_PLAYED Volume=n. The paradigm ends with AS_END.

Postprocessing is straightforward and no event code translation is needed, other than the usual removal of events numbered 255 or greater, and renumbering of events into a unqique range specific to this paradigm.

ERPs and ERSPs to each intensity can be computed, and component amplitudes (both in sensor space and in ICA source space) can be used to construct a response curve of ERP component amplitude as a function of stimulus amplitude that classifies each subject as an augmenter, a reducer, or a flat responder.