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In Star Jack, a secret agent has been sent to infiltrate the spy satellites of the space pirates who have been harassing our cargo lines and stealing our resources. The goal is to sneak to the various comm stations that contain the pirates communication logs, hack them, and find the location of the stolen cargo.

Main Character

The player will control a top secret agent infiltrating pirate spy satellites. The agent has at his disposal a collection of cool equipment: cloaking fields, hacking tools and various less then lethal traps that will let him sneak undetected. The current idea is to have our agent decked out splinter cell style all in black. The cloaking device will be integrated into the suit, and his traps resemble those from Golden Eye.

What we need art-wise is pictures of the agent and his gear: shots of the agent in action sneaking about, full body shots that detail where the tools are stored and what other technologies are integrated into the suit, sketches of traps and what they do.


To find the whereabouts of the cargo ships the player will have to infiltrate spy satellites. These satellites are controlled by differing factions of space pirates. We are planning three different factions: Humans, Aliens and Robots.

We need art representing the various satellites. This would include both the interior and exterior of the station.


To make a stealth game fun one needs things to avoid and to hide from. We need some concept art for different guards, sentry equipment and obstacles that the player must avoid to reach each comm station. These should relate to one of the pirate factions.

Stealth Fighter

To get to the satellites undetected the player will use the Bobcat B-3 Interceptor. This is a small, one-person long-range fighter. It is equipped with the best cloaking, stealth technologies, and hyperspace technologies. We need some schematic sketches and payload details for this ship.

Pirate Ships

The evil pirates have stolen our cargo! We need ship information and ideas for the various factions. This would include weapon details, propulsion systems, and hulls that fit within the different factions.

Contact Info

If anyone wants or needs anything clarified or wants some more info on Starjack please let me know. You can contact me, Karl Orosz, at kao7002 at rit dot edu.

Submission Information

Google Sketchup Pro or jped/png file formats.

Stellar Prospector

In Stellar Prospector, the player controls the colony's resource gatherer. The goal is to collect as many resources as possible and to discharge bad resources.

1 - Resource

Some type of asteroid chunk with minerals and/or metals sticking out of it. It should contrast against black.

Pixels: 64x64

2 - Space Debris

Pieces of rusty scrap metal, similar in size to the resource. The look of this should contrast the resource. Three to four variations on this.

Pixels: 64x64

3 - Decayed Resource

Similar to the resource, but with a decayed/brittle look.

Pixels: 64x64

4 - Overhead Interior

This is inside the spaceship. It can look similar to a cockpit. Low contrast with grayish and simple/bland colors.

Pixels: 800x400

5 - Control Panel

This is inside the spaceship. Looks similar to the overhead interior, but with more colors - more eye-catching. In order to display the decayed ore, a TV monitor/terminal should be embedded in it.

Pixels: 176x88

6 - Resource Detection System

This is inside the spaceship - the area surrounding the control panel. It is divided into four sections across 180 degrees. The middle of each section should be empty (0 alpha). It should match with the control panel, and can actually be combined with the control panel image. (Think of these as window frames)

Pixels: 226x110

7 - Window Frames

The windows simply need frames, similar to the resource detection system but thinner.

Pixels: 800x400

SS ConceptArtReference.jpg