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Researchers and Developers

      Google SketchUp (TM)       Project Spectrum

Astropolis includes 3D artwork crafted by children with autism spectrum conditions using Google SketchUp™ sketching software.

National Brain Research Centre, Manesar, India

  • Current
    • Matthew Belmonte (autism family member and researcher)

Cornell University

Department of Human Development and Game Design Initiative at Cornell

  • Current
    • Jeff Valla (postgraduate, autistic dimensional traits and cognitive sex differences)
    • Yue Yu (postgraduate, change detection in social and non-social percepts)
    • Barbara Ganzel (visiting researcher)
  • Alumni
    • August Zinsser (lead, game design & development, recruited to Loose Cannon Studios, now at Zynga)
    • Darshana Tuladhar (postgraduate, auditory and language processing, now an NSF Graduate Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh)
    • Keith Yoder (research assistant, EEG analysis, now a student at the University of Chicago Division of Social Sciences)
    • Grace Chen (undergraduate, joint attention and stereotypies during communicative pointing, now a research assistant at the Yale Child Study Center)
    • Jeff Maendel (undergraduate, gaze and face perception, now a student at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine)
    • Allie Keller (undergraduate, anxiety and deep pressure, now a research assistant at Weill Cornell Medical College)
    • Laura Lyman (undergraduate, now a student at SUNY Buffalo School of Medicine)
    • Tony Sidari (undergraduate, now a student at SUNY Buffalo School of Medicine)
    • Jordan Perlman (undergraduate)
    • Stephanie Wong (undergraduate)
    • Kristen Knodel (undergraduate)
    • Ayo Ositelu (Biomedical M.Eng. student)
    • Kai Chen (Biomedical M.Eng. student)

Rochester Institute of Technology

Game Design and Development

  • Current
    • Dave Schwartz (assistant professor)
  • Alumni
    • Karl Orosz (undergraduate game developer, now at Microsoft)
    • Brian Chesbrough (undergraduate game developer, now at Microsoft)
    • Adam Nabinger (undergraduate game developer)
    • Mike DeMauro (undergraduate game developer)
    • Brad Blankenship (undergraduate game developer)
    • Brian Murphy (undergraduate game developer)
    • Mike Dapiran (undergraduate game developer)
    • Brendan Bond (art director, now at Rearden Commerce)
    • Bob Larivee (undergraduate, game design and development)
    • Phil Levinson (undergraduate, game design and development)
    • Will Wood (undergraduate, game design and development)

Massachusetts General Hospital

Department of Neurology: Treatment Research and Neuroscience Evaluation of Neurodevelopmental Disorders

  • Martha Herbert (Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School)
  • Tal Kenet (Instructor, Harvard Medical School, study of motion perception)